Man United Transfer Rumours Into Overdrive

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With the football season over for all Premier League clubs, thoughts have turned to which players arrive and leave. As usual, Man United have been linked with a move for many players, most of which will never happen.

It’s believed that Man United and Arsenal are set to battle it out for Everton’s central defender and midfielder Phil Jagielka. Arsenal may bid for him but at 28-years old, Sir Alex Ferguson is unlikely to go for the defender. We already know that 20-year old Chris Smalling will be joining us in the summer from Fulham; will Sir Alex go for another centre-back? I don’t think so.

The News Of The World think that United believe they have found the perfect replacement for Edwin Van Der Sar- Marseille keeper Steve Mandanda. The 25-year old has said:

"Naturally I should be staying at Marseille next season but you never know," he told a press conference.

"I've not had any contact with any club but all I know my dream is to play in the Premier League."

It’s not the first time we’ve heard that United have found Van Der Sar’s replacement recently. Not only have United been linked with Juventus’ Gianluigi Buffon but it has been announced that United will be taking 24-year old Algerian keeper Rais Mbolhi on a trial. Ben Foster is likely to be on his way out, so a new keeper may not be such a surprise.

The News Of The World seem to know a lot about United’s transfer plans, according to them Ajax’s Luis Suarez will be playing alongside Wayne Rooney next season at Old Trafford. United is reportedly setting up a £20 million bid for the 23-year old.
Sir Alex Ferguson is likely to bring in a striker after relying too much on Rooney last season, and he would by a pretty good signing.

Next up on the list is 27-year old AC Milan striker Marco Borriello. Back in the summer of 2009 it was said that Man United won’t sign players over the age of 26. If that’s true then that rules out a £16 million move for Borriello.

Real Madrid defensive midfielder Lassana Diarra was bought for £20 million by Real from Portsmouth. He’s had a disappointing season in Spain after the Spanish outfit have failed to win anything after spending over £200 million. He could make a return back to the Premier League, with United apparently preparing a bid of £20 million for the former Chelsea and Arsenal star.

According to The Times United and Chelsea will go head-to-head for highly rated Everton youngster Jack Rodwell. This isn’t the first time that United have been linked with the midfielder, Everton aren’t likely to let him leave cheaply.

Other names linked with a move to Old Trafford are Aston Villa’s James Milner, Benfica’s Angel di Maria, Marseille winger Ben Arfa

To be able to buy players, you need money. How much money do United have to spend? It changes from day to day. One thing I can say for sure is that not many of these players will be coming to Old Trafford, if any.

More players will be linked with United, these are only some of todays but I wouldn’t expect too much to happen over the summer.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    One common thread in all these 'rumours' is that no name has been mentioned in the right back position. Anyone can see Utd lost the title because of absence of a decent right back. All the crucial goals conceded , incl against Chelsea, came from the right side. Is Ferguson blind or just plain clueless? In nay case, as a long-time Utd fan, I think, like many others, SAF should quit now and let new blood, on and off the pitch, take over.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sir Alex quit??? After winning three titles in a row, two consecutive european cup finals, & losing a fourth straight title by a point, when our points total would normally walk it??? I hope he isn't going anywhere. The Chelsea goal from THEIR right, but our left you twit. We will sign players, but I wouldn't be at all aurprised if they are players not even linked with us...we normally get a few in we're not even linked with. We'll see what happens but we aren't in bad shape. Chelsea are an ageing side and will need to inject youth at some point. In terms of players and their ages, we are placed with Arsenal in terms of age and have a squad ability that is unrivalled.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You seem rather bedazzled, my friend. Free kick on a foul on our right side, you moron, led to John Terry's goal aginst us. Wake up. This season was ours for the taking but SAF's bizarre tactics cost us. Playing 4-5-1 mostly, even at home? Bringing on Gibson or Park or O'shea when a goal was required? Yes, SAF has achieved great heights. But clearly it's now a game of relative youth. Open your eyes and see the successful managers in Europe. No disrespect, just hard fact. Time and tide waits for none.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Remember that he who sold it's monkey and buy a dog is still having the similar.let sir A F.go ahead and rebuild our team MANCHESTER UNITED.he's the best among the good he has a good plan to our team next season. thank u

  5. Anonymous says:

    An average age amongst the likes of Arsenal, bit far isn't it? Scholes, Giggs, Van De Sar, Neville are all much older than the starting line up at Arsenal. They have much better youth coming through in my opinion too, whereas we don't seem to have the same level of talent or even a huge number of youngsters coming through! Will be an interesting summer for all 'top 4 sides', and Citeh and Spurs too!

  6. arielortega says:

    Oh am sorry mate seem to have not known much about Man U, talk of talents coming up, well i see no team with a better core than that of united trust me, is only if u don't know them..i shall start counting out: Kiko Macheda, Welbeck, Ando, Johnny n Curry Evans, Da Silva brothers, Obertan, Diouf, Gibson, Cleverley (the best player for Wolves) this season; then you still have De laet, Pogba, King, Nani, David petrucci,Cathcart, Sam wootton, Sam hewson, Oliver gill, Oliver norwood, M. Eikram, F.Brandy, Matty James etc which academy are better than dis co. tell me what i don't know for now???????????

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yeh we have some good players coming through, but some of the players you've mentioned are already 20/21, and if they aren't pushing first team by now then I think it might be due to a lack of quality. Would like to see Cleverley in Premier League, so being the best player for Wolves doesn't mean much until they are in Premier League IMO. I know he's still young, 21 in August, but he really needs to be getting tested at Premier League level.
    Obertan is already 21, Arsenal have first team players at that age, I meant more along the lines of 16-19 year olds coming through.
    As much as I like Welbeck, I don't see why he's been loaned to Fergie's son's team! Pointless, could of gone to a better team, well at least I thought so, a return of 2 goals in 8 games is nothing to brag about.
    I'm not saying our youth isn't good, I disagree that we have the best academy though. I know I'm not the only United fan who thinks this either. Till we produce a Wilshere of Gibbs I don't think anyone can argue otherwise either.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Successfull managers in europe??? Fisrst that springs to mind is SAF!!! Noone could have expected to be playin midfielders in centre back regularly never mind 3 out of 4 in the back row. to have lost the title to chelsea by one point after such injuries was a great success. What manager could come in and take over at OT, there is no manager that i would confidently welcome into the role. As for right back i do think Gary Nevile lacks the pace needed in todays game but Rafael has the potential to be one of the best in the world, but experience takes time.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I Would pick Van Persie as the man we need up front this season. He's a fantastic player and he knows a lot about the English game.

  10. Anonymous says:

    watch this space all our young english lads will suprise you no names mentioned you havent got a clue how hard it is you have to be obseced with it all not for the money but for the passion it is not easey i should know iam the mum of one of these lads you r all going on about

  11. Anonymous says:

    buy cristiano ronaldo back

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