Rooney Takes It Out On His Teammates

Sports News - May 10, 2010
It’s fair to say that Wayne Rooney has been known to have a fiery temper on the football pitch but last season he has shown that he’s matured. Rooney has revealed how he’s managed to keep control of his temper on the field.

Instead of taking out his frustration on referees he takes it out on his teammates during the week in training. That was one of the main area’s which Rooney had to improve on and he’s done it.

"A few years ago, I was still a very young lad playing for my country and in the Premier League.” Rooney said.

"You are excited and emotional when you make decisions, but now I have matured, on and off the pitch.

"With age, it has helped me and now I probably take my anger out during training the week before the game."

Man United have been very reliant on Rooney throughout the 2009/10 season and it wouldn’t have helped if he had got himself sent off during a game. Luckily for United and Rooney, these new tactics seem to be working.

Rooney will now be travelling with England to South Africa to take part in the World Cup, he will now be hoping that he can continue to keep his calm and help England to go far in the competition.

“In the last World Cup I did not really show enough of my quality and enough excitement, which I wanted to.

“I am looking forward to this one and want to try to take my club form in with England, to help us win the World Cup.

“We have got a lot of match-winners in our team, like Stephen Gerrard and Frank Lampard, who has been incredible in the last few months, guys like Aaron Lennon, Theo Walcott, all who can win games for us.”

I’m sure his Man United or England teammates won’t care how much he takes it out on them, as long has he manages to control himself during a game.

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