Does Platini have nothing better to do?

Recently all the articles i have read about the Uefa chief Michel Platini is about him moaning about english clubs. On the day of the Champion's League final he has taken another swipe at Manchester United and Chelsea.

Platini has said that it is 'unfair' that United and Chelsea are in the final because they have run up massive overdrafts on the hunt for major trophies.

Here is what Platini said: "It's clear the more in debt you are, the greater the chance you have of winning. It's not very ethical for our sport.'
'We have to start thinking how we can ensure respect for the clubs who don't have debts and who never win any more because they don't have these budgets."

What debts have they run up?
Manchester United have apparently got debts at around £800million, whilst Chelsea have apparently had a loss of around £100million in each year that Roman Abramovich has been the club's owner.

Does he have a case?
No, Manchester United and Chelsea arent the only clubs in debt and they are not the only clubs who spend loads, for example- Real Madrid. Apparently Madrid are prepared to offer a record breaking £100million for Cristiano Ronaldo, now if that isnt spending big then i don't know what is. I dont hear him moaning about any Spanish or Italian or any other club that spends alot of money, he is only moaning about English Clubs.
When two Italian teams got to the finals, nobody said anything. When Real Madrid broke record fees for signing Zidane, Ronaldo and Figo and they were in debt there was no moaning, so why is it different for English teams?

Is there anything better he can be concentrating on?
Well the answer to that is a definate yes!
There is a massive Champion's League final match today, why couldnt he make sure that the pitch and facilites are in order. They should have thought about Visa's before allowing the match to be played in Russia.
What about the match fixing, corruption and violence that is happening in Italy, the racist chanting?
I could go on.

What have the english done?
What have we done to offend him so much? Apparently our fans are awful thugs, was it our fans that attacked police officers after the UEFA Cup final? No As far as i am concerned English fans are the best fans in the world and we are being discriminated by what English fans did years back. Why can't he come out and say that English fans have improved?

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  1. John says:

    Congratulations my Devil friend. You guys deserve all the success your team had for this year.

    What can I say, waking up in 2.30am to watch perhaps one of the biggest CL Final of all time. It was worth it.

    I’m happy to see TEVEZ lifting that trohpy and it was proud moment for my self as Argentine supporters.

    Please check out the latest posting on my blog about this little fella.

    Would certainly appreciate you guys to give your thought about him or the game or even your feelings at this moment….

  2. Shuggo says:

    Hi John,

    Thank you ever so much, it was a proud moment for everyone who is a United fan. It was great to see Tevez lift the trophy and the rest of the United players. What an amazing night.

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