The Sign That Is All Over The Internet

This sign is all over the internet, you have probably seen this already but if you havent here it is:

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  1. Oliver says:

    Ok this is funny! Who ever did this is a genius!

  2. Shuggo says:

    It is great, i would never have thought of designing something like that

  3. AntiManu says:

    I see Terry is England captain for the USA match and not Rio F. Any comments from the Man Utd lot then?

    Oliver & Shuggo why don't we set up a joint England FC Blog!!! There isn't much any good out there for England football fans unless you can point me in the right direction.....

  4. Shuggo says:

    Did you see the news conference? Capello actually said that he had already decided on the captain before the Champion's League match. I am also expecting Gerrard to be the captain against Trinidad and Tobago.

    I dont mind helping to set up and England blog, i dont know of any England blogs so that is a great idea.

  5. AntiManu says:

    I'll send a e-mail to discuss an England blog later this week. I'm happy to use blogspot. I'm not sure if "equal access" is possible???

  6. Shuggo says:

    No i dont think that equal access is possible either

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