Ronaldo Suspended

Another day, another Cristiano Ronaldo story.

Today's story is that Manchester United will suspend Cristiano Ronaldo without pay if he carries out a threat to go on strike.

Ronaldo has been linked with a move to Real Madrid but Manchester United say he isnt moving, Ronaldo hasnt said he is moving and his mum has said that he is staying at United.

A United source said: "If Cristiano decides to go on strike the club would have no hesitation in suspending him and stopping his wages with immediate effect.
"We hope it won't come to this."

Ronaldo hasnt said that he wants to leave Manchester United, he has said that he wants to stay but all the rumours are coming from unreliable sources.

Marca- Marca is known to be a newspaper that talks rubbish, many people say they are Real Madrid's newspaper which they use to unsettle players and tap them up, letting them know how much they will be paid and contract details, none of this has been proved though.

Terra- Reports came out the other day that Ronaldo had spoken to a Brazilan website but this has been denied, quite why he would speak to a Brazilan website I don't know.

I am refusing to believe anything until I see Ronaldo say it on TV.

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