Could Carlos Tevez Really Leave?

I am a massive fan of Carlos Tevez and transfer rumours don't really worry me because quite alot of the time, it is complete rubbish. But saying that, I am starting to think that if Man United don't get a move on, then Tevez could leave Old Trafford.

Last season, Tevez was fantastic for United and if you asked me then whether Tevez would be staying or not, I would have said that he would definitely be staying. If you asked me now then my answer would be that I honestly don't know.

Tevez has said that he wants to stay at Old Trafford but if Man United don't put up the £30 odd million needed to buy him then what can he do?
Is money the problem? £30 million is a lot of money, there is no doubting that but what Tevez brings to the team, I believe that it is worth spending that amount of money on him.

Since Dimitar Berbatov arrived during the summer, Tevez has had a lot less appearances and spent most of the time on the bench. He has had a chance to show what he can do whilst Wayne Rooney has been injured and I think that there could be a partnership between Tevez and Berbatov.
So, if you have Berbatov and Tevez upfront, what do you do with Rooney? No matter what form Rooney is in, Sir Alex always seems to pick him. It is a problem, we have some world class strikers and hopefully we can keep them all.

Tevez has been linked with a move to who else but Real Madrid, will a nice sunny country tempt him away from keeping the bench warm in Manchester?

Will Carlos Tevez leave? I hope not

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  1. nathan says:

    I bet that more than one manager would love to be in Sir Alex's position!
    As for Tevez, I am also a HUGE fan and agree that he was spot on for United last season and has proved to everyone just how great of a top class player he can be. With all these trade rumors floating around and watching the matches and seeing how Tevez becomes increasingly more disappointed with his few mintues and lack of cooperation with Berb (when they both play together they don't really celebrate their goals with each other and Tevez whines when Berb plays his tipical ball-hog matches), I think he is heading out the door...

  2. Shuggo says:

    Hi Nathan, thanks for your comment.
    I am thinking more and more than he will be leaving and I think it is a shame.

    For me, I would still choose Tevez over Berbatov. Berbatov is a good player but Tevez works for the team and does alot more.

  3. If I was in Tevez position right now, I'd be thinking about leaving Man U asap to play more minutes at another team.

  4. Shuggo says:

    Hi RichardTexTex, thanks for your comment, if I were him then I would probably leave aswell.

    Just for your information, this might be a handy read.

    Thank you again

  5. LOL didn't know that. Thanks Shuggo!

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