2010 World Cup Threatens Premier League

Premier League: Manchester United Champions 2009

The Premier League and Football Association are under increasing pressure to solve the 2010 fixture list to try and fit it in with the 2010 World Cup.

Fifa's rules state that no domestic football matches can't take place after the 16th May. Next season kicks off on the 15th August, that means that each team will have to play 38 league fixtures in 34 available weekends. 19 midweeks slots have already been ruled out because of UEFA Champion's League matches, Europa Cup matches and International matches.

"If there are FA Cup replays or displaced Premier League fixtures we're told they can't currently be played on Champions League or Europa Cup nights," said an insider involved in yesterday's club meeting. "There is also the potential for more fixture displacement depending on how clubs do in the Europa League."

Next week chief executives of the Football League, Premier League and FA are expected to meet to sort out this situation. It is looking like the Premier League will start on the 15th August and finish on the 9th May. The FA Cup is also going to be brought forward to the 16th May.

Manchester United had a bit of a fixture pile-up last season and it looks like it could become even worse next season.

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  1. AntiManU says:

    Fixture pile up won't be a problem if they are knocked out of each competition at the first hurdle :)

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