Ferguson- President Of England

Soccer: Training & Press Conference - Barcelona
Carlos Tevez' contract with Man United expires today and he won't be returning. Tevez has been talking about why he left Man United, how unhappy he was and that Fergie is like president of England.

"You cannot argue with Alex Ferguson," he said.
"He is like the president of England. It is impossible, you always lose.
"But he made a mistake to leave me on the bench. That was the only final the team had lost since I had been at Manchester United."
"I could not arrive home after a match or a training session and forget my pain. It was not good and I transmitted all my sadness to them."

If this is really how Tevez felt then I am glad he is leaving. We don't want any player at Man United if they are unhappy. It is a shame because I would have loved him to stay but it looked like Fergie would always choose Berbatov over him.

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