The Next Ronaldo Is .......

Sports News - January 14, 2009

The Daily Express are reporting that the next Cristiano Ronaldo will be Liverpool's Fernando Torres. Yes, you aren't reading it wrong, apparently Fergie is going to bid £40 million for the player.

It is thought that Liverpool are close to bankruptcy which would mean that they would really need the £40 million.

In my mind there is absolutely no chance at all of this happening. There would be quite a few Champion's League clubs who would be interested in signing the player, so why would they sell him to one of their biggest rivals? It doesn't make sense.

I am sure that I also heard when Torres first joined Liverpool that Sir Alex Ferguson had already made a few bids for him but Torres wasn't interested.

I can't see this happening, what do you think? Could Man United really sign Fernando Torres?

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  1. arunima says:

    no this cant happen its even worse than torres movin to real madris!!!!!!

  2. rite$h says:

    I already signed him in PES :D
    In reality thou, this never gonna happen, may be a bid around £75M would make the scousers think, but not this time, given the spanish waiter is still in command...

  3. Shuggo says:

    arunima, thanks for your comment. I take it you are a Liverpool fan. It is worse than a Real Madrid move because you are guarnteed to play Man United atleast twice during a season and we are massive rivals.

    rite£h, thanks for your comment.
    I don't think that it will ever happen. Possibly if it was £75m but I don't think Fergie will bid that amount.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i choose Obertan and hernandez

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