Cristiano Ronaldo- The Aftermath

Manchester United vs FC Barcelona
It has been a couple of days since Man United confirmed that they accepted an £80 million for Cristiano Ronaldo. Man United fans have had the chance to really think about it and I would love to know what you feel about the situation now.

My feelings are still a bit mixed. Ronaldo is a fantastic player, there is no doubting that and I would love him to stay at Old Trafford, that isn't going to happen though.
What we have to remember is that our players will support other teams, a great example is John Terry. The Chelsea captain grew up as a Man United fan, is that why he missed the penalty in Moscow?

Ronaldo has always said that he is a Real Madrid fan, he family support Real Madrid and one day he would love to play for them, the time is now.

Some fans have turned their backs on Ronaldo and that is fair enough. Not everyone had forgiven him for his behaviour last summer. The majority of Man United fans had forgiven but it had not been forgotten.

Manchester United are not a one man club, we have plenty of fantastic players and now they have to step upto the mark. One name stands out for me in particular- Nani.
Nani hasn't played at his best since joining Man United, he came to us labelled as the next Cristiano Ronaldo and that is a big thing.
It is now time for him to show what he is made of.

Wayne Rooney over the past few years have been in Ronaldo's shadows, it is also time for him to step up and take the limelight. He used to do all Ronaldo's dirty work like tracking back when he wasn't prepared to.

Overall, I am gutted that he is leaving but we are Man United and we will carry on winning trophies. I would like him to stay but it is Ronaldo's dream to play for Real Madrid and good luck to him. He will need it, he won't have players like Rooney, Carrick, Tevez, Scholes, etc who will do his dirty work and work hard for the team to get the opportunities that he did.

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