Ronaldo Is Delighted

Cristiano Ronaldo parties the night away at the My House lounge in West Hollywood as the news breaks of his $130 million transfer deal
Whilst the Man United fans have mixed feelings about Cristiano Ronaldo leaving, Ronaldo himself is delighted. Ronaldo has split the fans in half, some are devastated and others are extatic that he is leaving.
Ronaldo has spoken to some photographers and this is what he has had to say:

"It's flattering when two of the top teams in the world want you to play for them," he told Fox Sports.
"The deal is historic - £80m is quite a sum of money.
"I learned about the deal here in LA and have heard from my people that Manchester United have accepted.
"However, I have also been told that Madrid want to have a medical team look at me as expected.
"I do not require surgery. The hernia is nothing to worry about.
"I am on vacation and will remain in LA a bit more."

I still don't know what to make of it, Ronaldo has bailed us out of tricky situations loads of times but he can also be an infuriating player.

We will miss him, there is no doubt about that and the Premier League will also miss him but it is his dream. I support Man United and I am not naive enough to believe that all the Manchester United players support Man United. They will have their own clubs which they support and if they are offered to go there, why shouldn't they?

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