Man United To Be Fined

Champions League: United Through To Final

Man United and Arsenal are both set to be fined by UEFA for "improper conduct of their supporters".

During the Champion's League semi-final match at the Emirates Stadium, one Arsenal fan threw a plastic bottle at Man United defender Nemanja Vidic whilst Man United were celebrating scoring. It is also alleged that a Man United fan threw a smoke bomb onto the pitch.

The Guardian believe that UEFA will fine both clubs an amount in the region of £5,000.

I have never liked this system of clubs being fined because of something that the fans have done. The Emirates is a 60,000 seater stadium, how can you control that amount of fans?
I can understand that it was an Arsenal fan who threw a bottle at Vidic, why would a Man United fan throw a bottle at their own player?
Who says that it was a Man United fan who threw the smoke bomb? It could have been an Arsenal fan in the Man United section. It wasn't aimed at anyone. He/she might not even have been an Arsenal or Man United fan, they could have been a random hooligan.

What they really need to do is go through the CCTV, find the person/persons responsible and fine the people.

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