Man United Were Snubbed

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Real Madrid’s latest signing Karim Benzema has revealed that he snubbed Man United. Benzema has also revealed that he has dreamt of signing for Real Madrid ever since he was a youngster- sound familiar?

This summer Real Madrid have signed Man United’s Cristiano Ronaldo, AC Milan’s Kaka and Lyon’s Karim Benzema. After signing Kaka and Ronaldo I wasn’t surprised at all that Benzema jumped on the bandwagon.

I would have loved to see Benzema at Man United but it wasn’t going to happen, I am sure he will have a fantastic time on Real Madrid’s bench.

Benzema said: "There were quite a few clubs that contacted me like Manchester United, Inter Milan and Barcelona, but I decided to come here.
"I've dreamed about playing here since I was 15 years of age.
"I don't want to promise a set number of goals, although I hope to score a lot.
"With players like Kaka, Ronaldo and Raul, it will be very easy for us to get goals.
"I'm aware that there is great competition at the club and maybe I cannot always play but I've come here to fight, so it's not going to be a problem."

I am sure you all remember that C.Ronaldo has said that he has always wanted to join Real Madrid. Well, one of his former team-mates has revealed that it was Barcelona that Ronaldo always talked about and wanted to join. Has C-Ron been telling porkies?

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