Carragher States The Obvious

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What is it with footballers and stating the obvious?
Liverpool defender and all round idiot Jamie Carragher has said that former Liverpool striker (now Man United striker) Michael Owen will get a ‘cool reception’ at Anfield.

Man United will play Liverpool at Anfield on the 25th October and the defender believes that Owen may be booed.

"Our fans are usually brilliant with former players but he might get a cool reception," Carragher told the October edition of Sky Sports Magazine. "That won't bother him though.

"You can understand the fans' point of view. He used to play for us and now he's at our big rivals, so of course there will be some reaction. That's football and Michael will know that.

"At the same time, Michael has got his own career to think about. He wants to get his name back up there, he wants to play Champions League football and get into the World Cup squad.

"The move gives him that opportunity. It will upset some fans but that's football.

"He's a mate of mine so I suppose I have to wish him well – but only to a certain extent."

I am sure that Owen isn’t stupid enough to believe (unlike Carlos Tevez) that he wouldn’t get booed. Owen has come to one of Liverpool’s biggest rivals; of course he will be booed. I am sure the United fans cheers will make up for that.

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