Fergie's Response To Le Havre Claims

Man United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has responded to Le Havre’s comments. Le Havre claimed that Man United had paid off Paul Pogba’s parents so that he would join Man United.

Pogba didn’t have a contract with Le Havre but they were under the impression that he would join them when he signed 18. Instead he joined Man United before he turned the age of 18.

"I can assure you that Manchester United have behaved absolutely correctly in all their dealings with young players and their parents," Ferguson said on Thursday. "There has never been a case, ever, that we have paid parents. It would be crazy to even contemplate. This was levelled at us by some frustrated director at the French club and he's now going to have to retract."

I can’t believe that United paid off the parents, if there was a choice of joining Le Havre or Manchester United, most people would choose Man United. No offence to Le Havre but they are hardly a world-class club, they don’t have the resources that United do and they won’t pay as much.

It’s hardly a tough choice.

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