Fiorentina To Report Man United?

Man United could be investigated by FIFA, not because of Le Havre reporting United over Paul Pogba, but because Fiorentina could report United over Michele Fornasier.

Defender Fornasier was 16 last August and he had played for Man United in the Milk Cup in Northern Ireland. The player impressed United officials and he was offered a contract.

Italian regulations say that no Italian clubs can sign a player until they are the age of 18.

There are no rules like this in England so Man United were in their legal rights to sign the player.
Earlier on this week, Le Havre had said that they were going to report United after they believed United bought Pogba’s parents a house each and gave them £175,000.

Man United’s response was to threaten to sue the club and if this carries on, I wouldn’t be surprised to see United threaten to sue Fiorentina.

FIFA said in a statement: "We can confirm that we were contacted by Fiorentina with regard to the potential transfer of the player, Michele Fornasier, to the English club, Manchester United. However, so far no formal investigation was opened since the relevant documentation needs to be completed."

I can understand why Fiorentina would be angry and I would be if the shoe was on the other foot but by the sounds of it, United haven’t done anything wrong.

Players can’t sign contracts with Italian clubs if they are under the age of 18, that isn’t Man United’s fault.

What do you think?

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