This Town Isn't Big Enough For The Both Of Us

Man United defender Rio Ferdinand has warned Manchester City that the town isn’t big enough for both teams. I’m not quite sure if City are supposed to be scared or not but I think it is more likely to make them laugh.

Friends and family of Manchester United team arrive at Old TraffordDuring the transfer window Man City spent over £200 million whilst United spent just over £20 million. Some people believe that City will now break into the top four and even possibly win the Premier League, Ferdinand doesn’t believe that will happen this season.

Ferdinand said:
"This city isn't big enough for two big teams.
"City have loyal supporters that have been crying out for success. They haven't had it, but maybe now they think their time has come with all the money invested.
"But money doesn't buy success sometimes. It can do, as you've seen at Chelsea, but they started from finishing fourth, fifth and third in the league.
"City are starting from a different position, so time will tell how successful they will be.
"If they win something this season, then good luck to them — but hopefully we'll be the ones winning big trophies."

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