Tevez Changes His Mind, Again.


Not for the first time, Carlos Tevez has changed his mind when it comes to Man United. Whilst at Man United Tevez was unhappy about being on the bench and he said that, that was one of his main reasons for leaving United. Since joining Man City he has said that he doesn’t mind being a squad player.

Now, Tevez has said that he will celebrate any future goals he scores against Man United, after previously stating that he wouldn’t celebrate any goals he scores against United. His change of heart has been because of the Man United fans reaction to him, I don’t quite no what else he expected.

Tevez received a lot of boos when City travelled to Old Trafford the other week, that response has changed Tevez’ mind.

Man City played West Ham last Monday (Tevez has also played for West Ham), he scored twice and didn’t celebrate due to respect for the fans and the club. From now on, he won’t celebrate against West Ham but he will against United.

"I've decided not to celebrate my goals out of respect to West Ham. They were my first club in England and, in my heart, part of me will always be a Hammer," he told the Daily Mail.

"The professional part of me was really pleased with my first City goals at home but, personally, I would have preferred to beat another club.

"In the derby against United I had also decided not to celebrate our goals but, after the bad treatment I received from the supporters that day, I have changed my stance on that.
"If I score in the next derby then I am sure that I will celebrate."

Like we honestly care!

Tevez you can celebrate all you want, we will still finish higher than you in the table.

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