Tomasz Kuszczak vs Edwin Van Der Sar

Man United keeper Tomasz Kuszczak has taken a swipe at fellow United keeper Edwin Van Der Sar. Kuszczak has said that he goes to United’s number one Van Der Sar to ask him for advice but he is only rejected.


If this is true, then I can understand why Kuszczak is frustrated, but is it really the best thing to go to the papers?

"I must say this, Edwin doesn't help me. Maybe he doesn't like me. 

"He's got more experience and many more games under his belt. So I say, 'You have to give me something more'.
"I like to know what I do wrong and like to watch other people.
"You'll have to ask him if he doesn't like me." 

"The manager says you need the whole squad to win trophies. 

"Sooner or later everyone must go and play important games. 

"I know what I give to this club even though I do not play regularly. It's a team sport." 

Kuszczak is currently behind Van Der Sar and Ben Foster in the pecking order but he is still hoping that he can become United’s number one keeper.

"I hope the best is to come as I've not played too much over the last three years.
"The question is how long do you want to wait? I try every day, it's a slow process, it's not so easy. 

"I've waited three years. I will wait longer but my ambition is so big and I want to have a nice feeling after games, be tired and go home and think, 'you did a good job'."

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