What are we missing?

It doesn't take a genius to work out that Man Utd are not the team they were last year with the only loss to the team being Cristiano Ronaldo. Wayne Rooney has been given much more of free role and is playing better than he ever has but he can't do it alone. Just like Ronaldo needed Rooney in the team Rooney, needs a Ronaldo and Antonio Valencia just isn't it.

Valencia is not a bad player and has shown glimpses of why he was brought to the club. However he is not the world class player that Ronaldo was and the world class player that is needed in the team. At times the side seems to lack creativity and imagination, particularly in the midfield, but trying to find a replacement for Ronaldo is much easier said than done, not only financially, but also in finding someone who offers the same quality.

One of the names continually linked with a move to the club is Franck Ribery. He appears to be one of the most sought after players at the moment but Bayern were keen to keep him in the summer and did but if the rumours are true they could now be willing to cash in on their star man.

Another two players linked with the club are David Villa and David Silva, both of whom appear to be top quality players. Silva is not quite the quality of Ronaldo but is certainly a top class player whilst Villa is one of the best forwards in the game. Both players seemed reluctant to leave Valencia but with the increasing financial problems at the club they could be forced to move.

Atletico Madrid's Argentinean forward Sergio Aguero is a player linked with a move to the Premiership, and although there is no doubt the lad has talent I am just not convinced he can do it as regularly as he would need to at a club like Man Utd.

For me Ribery, Villa and Silva would certainly add to the quality of the team but I feel more is needed. A top quality central creative midfielder is what the club need at the club but these are not easy to pick up. A player with the qualities of Diego, though I am not necessarily saying him though you could do worse, is the type of layer needed. Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs have served the club magnificently over the years but they can't be depended on forever. Man Utd need to sign someone sooner rather than later but I don't see any big money move being made until the summer which I fear may be a little too late for them.

Written by Mark Ferguson, a sports writer who blogs about cheap football jerseys

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