Tevez Unhappy With Man United Fans. Do We Care?

Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez has said that he is unhappy and disappointed by the boos he got at Old Trafford earlier on in the year. Tevez was booed everytime he touched the ball in the Premier League game, which he believes is unfair.


Manchester City will be facing Man United at least three more times this season- twice in the Carling Cup and once in the Premier League. There is a possibility that they may face each other in the FA Cup in the latter stages, assuming both teams are still in it.

I don’t see why he was so surprised about the reaction from the fans. There are a few reasons why he was booed. The first- he left Man United for their fierce City rivals Man City, every player who does that will get booed, no matter what they have done for the club.

After leaving Man United, Tevez also made some unfair comments about Man United manager Sir Alex Ferguson. The fans at Old Trafford and around the world worship Sir Alex, the second Tevez attacked Sir Alex, he was going to be booed.

The ‘Welcome To Manchester’ poster wouldn’t have done him any favours aswell. Tevez may not have made the poster himself but he has bought a massive version of it, it was an arrogant act by City.

If he expected to go and play at Old Trafford against Manchester United for Manchester City and didn’t expect to get booed then that was very na├»ve of him.

"Obviously I was disappointed, because I don't think I deserved to be treated that way," Tevez said, according to The Sun.

"When I was there, I was a hard-working and loyal player who gave my all."

"After the [Champions League] final, Ferguson tried to get me to sign permanently but I told him I was moving on.

"My contract was terminated on the day of the Champions League final, so there was no time for negotiations. And my heart was already set on a move elsewhere."

In all honesty, I don't really care? Tevez was fantastic when he was with us but he isn't anymore. If he is unhappy with Man United fans, who cares?

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