£80 Million Clear Out?

Sports News - January 11, 2009
If you believe what you read then this summer Sir Alex Ferguson will be selling £80 million worth of his squad. The Sunday Mirror believe that Sir Alex will sell Dimitar Berbatov, Luis Nani, Anderson, Nemanja Vidic and Zoran Tosic.

The Sunday mirror claim that a “United insider” said:

“The four midfield players got a lot of criticism after the Leeds [United] game, but the biggest underperformer was [Dimitar] Berbatov.

“People say he’s got a great touch, and that isn’t in doubt, but this game is also about hunger and workrate.

“To put it bluntly, Berbatov doesn’t run around enough for this United team - and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the people that matter most.”

Vidic has been linked with a move to Spanish side Real Madrid. Berbatov and Nani have been labelled as flops, Tosic can’t get into the team and I am surprised that Anderson was named in that list.

Most of the gossip that comes out into the public is rubbish but I don’t think anyone would be surprised if Nani left in January or in the summer. I would be surprised if Anderson and Vidic left. I am not sure about Berbatov or Tosic, Berbatov has to improve and we need to see more of Tosic to really tell if he is worthy of wearing the Man United shirt.

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  1. Binu says:

    at last if the rumor is correct that will benefit man utd. But the money from that as well as the Ronaldo sales money has to be invested to the development of the team. Asmic Besovic, Joe Liews, both good young goal keepers, Leonardo Bonoucci, Andreas ronouchi, both good central defenders, Yaya Toure,Mohamadu Diarra strong defensive Midfielders, Hamsik a good playmaker,De Maria David Silva, Sergio Aguero,David Villa and Carlton cole should be brought. If possible a good Right Back has to be added to the squad. This will ensure the balance and class for the team to bring the expected results.My First Team Accordingly will be as follows. Van Dar saar,Evra/Evans/Ferdinand/Lahm, Toure/Diarra,David Silva, Aguero/Villa/Roonny . Sub: Asmic Besovic,Brown,Fabio,Carrick,De Maria, Valencia and Cole.

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