Ancelotti Takes Swipe At United

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Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti has had a little swipe at Man United by stating that Man United wouldn’t be able to win the title without Wayne Rooney. I think that, that’s probably a fair enough statement but he basically insinuated that Man United are a one man team and Chelsea aren’t.

Chelsea may have won three matches without Drogba but to be perfectly honest, they were hardly difficult matches to win. Man United would struggle without Rooney for a few matches but we would cope. Chelsea would struggle without Drogba for the whole season so Ancelotti’s comments are unfair.

Man United do have other players who are perfectly capable of scoring goals for United, maybe they don’t have the work rate but not all players do.

“With Didier not here we have had the chance to put in other strong, fantastic players. We have had Nicolas Anelka and Daniel Sturridge doing very well," Ancelotti said.

"But without Rooney it would be difficult for United to win the title. He's a very decisive player for Manchester United.”

“We have a chance without Didier because we can put Anelka on, another top striker in the world,"

“We have to keep pace with Arsenal and United because I believe there will be a sprint finish to the final game."

He is right about the sprint finish; it will be a close one between United, Arsenal and Chelsea. I do believe that it will be one of these three teams, I’m just hoping we can hit some form.

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