Man United Fans Make Their Feelings Clear

Man United may have gone to the top of the table after a 4-0 win over Hull, mainly thanks to Wayne Rooney but that hasn’t stopped the fans from voicing their concerns. For 90 minutes “Love United, Hate Glazers” and “We want the Glazers out” chants rang through Old Trafford, probably much to the annoyance of Sir Alex Ferguson. The last 10 minutes were the loudest and hopefully on Wednesday at Old Trafford it will be incredibly loud for the full 90 minutes.

In Sir Alex Ferguson’s match day programme he wrote that the fans should stop the protests and show unity. Normally most Man United fans will hang on every word that Sir Alex says, but not this time.

"Some of our fans are clearly unhappy with our financial position, but we mustn't allow the situation to become divisive.
"The danger is that we could be presented as being split, which would be harmful and inaccurate, because I believe the vast majority of United fans are behind us and appreciate the importance of standing together in support of the team.”

Of course the fans aren’t happy with the financial situation, United are around £716 million in debt. United may have been able to raise £504 million in bonds but that will still have to be paid back and it is being reported that United will have to pay an extra £54 million in interest.

The fact that Sir Alex has come out and publicly said that he is concerned means that the fans are getting somewhere. This campaign is only a week old and is starting to get some high profile attention.

What Is Being Done?

Green and yellow scarves have been flying off the MUST stalls and right now they are like gold dust. MUST have ordered many more scarves ahead of the match against Manchester City on Wednesday. I have had a few emails asking for information on where they can be bought.

Green and yellow scarves by clicking here (Manchester United Supporters Trust get commission):

You can buy green and yellow flags by clicking here (Manchester United Supporters Trust get commission)

You can also buy the Newton Heath retro shirt by clicking here.

One of the plans is to hit the Glazers where it hurts. Don’t buy official merchandise, don’t buy tickets, if you already have a ticket then don’t buy food, drink, match day programmes, etc. Unsubscribe to MUTV and MUTVonline. It is being reported that the Megastore is going to start selling retro Newton Heath shirts, don’t buy them from the official store, get your stuff from MUST. If you do buy from the official store, the money goes to the Glazers, if money isn’t going into the club then that will mean a loss of money which will hopefully lead to the Glazers selling up.

Tomorrow a group of fans will be standing outside Carrington Training ground from 9am. The more people who can go, the better.

This isn’t going to go away anytime soon, hopefully it will grow and grow. We already have (at the time of writing) 25,888 members on a facebook group, which you can join here.

A big thanks to Joe Hoyle for the images.

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