Wayne Rooney United's Next Captain?


Yesterday The Sun claimed that Man United captain Gary Neville will retire at the end of this season, that means that United will need a new captain. Today The Sun claim from next season, Wayne Rooney will be Man United’s captain.

Rooney would probably be one of the most obvious choices, there are Ryan Giggs and Rio Ferdinand but how much are they really going to play next season? Giggs will still get games but he won’t play every game and Ferdinand has been struggling with many injuries.

Rooney will always give United 100%, when he has captained United before you could tell that it meant an awful lot to him. The only problem with Rooney is his temperament but over recent seasons, that has improved.

Is Rooney the best choice?

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  1. Thomas says:

    Rooney's temperament is certainly a factor, I wouldn't be at all surprised if Fletcher is given it - if age is the only barrier then the same could be argued for Rooney. I'd bet against Rooney actually being given it - it's unusual for a centre forward and especially one with a temper, although many fans won't back me on that prediction! http://cli.gs/v8hLP5

  2. I understand what you are saying and you may well be correct. It would be great to see Fletcher be made captain, he is a very under rated player.

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