Is The Title Race Down To Two Teams?

Football - Chelsea v Arsenal Barclays Premier League
Before Sunday’s game between Chelsea and Arsenal, I would probably have said that there were three teams left in this season’s title race- Man United, Chelsea and Arsenal. Even though Arsenal had lost to United 3-1 a week earlier, there was still a feeling that they could possibly get something out of the game and drag themselves back into the race.

Sunday afternoon Arsenal lost 2-0 to Chelsea, taking the blues back to the top of the table, two points ahead of Man United. Arsenal are now nine points behind Chelsea, seven behind United but there are some difficult midweek matches.

All three teams play on Wednesday. Man United face Aston Villa, down at Villa Park. Chelsea play Everton at Goodison Park and Arsenal have Liverpool at the Emirates. These are all difficult games, so if Arsenal win and both Man United and Chelsea lose does the race for the title go back to a three horse race? In my opinion, no, Arsenal are too far behind.

United have already lost to Villa this season, at Old Trafford but right now we have hit some form so I am not too concerned about that game. Villa themselves are currently sitting 7th in the table level on points and goal difference with Man City but have played a game extra. I am not overly concerned with this game, Villa are a very good team but I believe we can go and take all three points off the home team, especially considering the form United are in.

Chelsea go to Everton who are 9th in the current league table, five points behind Birmingham City. Everton got off to an awful start to the season but recently we have seen a Toffees side that we are more used to seeing. I would love to say that Chelsea are going to drop points here but I don’t think they will.

That leaves Arsenal vs Liverpool. Arsene Wenger was under the impression that the better team lost yesterday. There is no doubting that Arsenal play attractive football but that isn’t going to win them titles. No matter what happens on Wednesday between the two teams, I think that the race for the title is over for Arsenal.

That leaves Man United and Chelsea left to battle it out to be English Champions. Both teams will drop points before May there is no doubting that. Looking at all of the final Premier League matches for both United and Chelsea it looks fairly even. The only difference in teams they have to play is that United have Fulham and Sunderland, Chelsea have Portsmouth and Wigan, otherwise they are the same.

Man United’s Remaining Games:

Aston Villa vs Man United
Everton vs Man United
Man United vs West Ham
Wolves vs Man United
Man United vs Fulham
Man United vs Liverpool
Bolton vs Man United
Man United vs Chelsea
Blackburn vs Man United
Man City vs Man United
Man United vs Tottenham
Sunderland vs Man United
Man United vs Stoke

Chelsea’s Remaining Games:

Everton vs Chelsea
Wolves vs Chelsea
Chelsea vs Man City
Portsmouth vs Chelsea
Chelsea vs West Ham
Blackburn vs Chelsea
Chelsea vs Aston Villa
Man United vs Chelsea
Chelsea vs Bolton
Tottenham vs Chelsea
Chelsea vs Stoke
Liverpool vs Chelsea
Chelsea vs Wigan

The big match, which stands out, is the clash between United and Chelsea at Old Trafford on the 3rd April whoever wins that game (assuming there is a winner) will have a massive advantage.

I’m confident that if we can keep the form up, keep Wayne Rooney fit then we have a fantastic chance of retaining the Premier League title for the fourth time in consecutive seasons.

The title race (in my opinion) is now down to two teams- Man United and Chelsea. I’m looking forward to the last 13 matches, I can’t believe we only have 13 League games left, there will be more twists and turns, my only message to Chelsea is bring it on!

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