Man United Employee Sacked For Wearing Scarf

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A Man United employee has been sacked after wearing a green and gold scarf last Wednesday.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened since the green and gold campaign started.Earlier on this year a steward who had been working at Old Trafford for 19 years was sacked for siding with the protesters. The 53-year old was sacked by CES [the security firm employed by United] after he tried to return an anti-Glazer banner, which had been removed by stewards.

The whole idea of green and gold is to go back to the roots of Newton Heath (who became Manchester United) as a protest against United’s American owners the Glazers.

The sacked student Jerry Vyse said: “I bought the scarf for five pounds off one of the countless sellers stocking them around the outside of the stadium. I told him I would be wearing it to work at Old Trafford for my shift selling pies and Bovril for that evening’s game against AC Milan. He wished me the best of luck, but warned me that some staff were sacked on the spot for doing that.

“I put it on at half-time as the floods of people poured out to stock themselves up with fluids and solids. The fans started to cheer in solidarity.

“Hearing the commotion, the supervisor came round and ordered me to remove it. This was met with jeers from the united supporters, most of whom had the scarf on themselves.”

“When I refused, the supporters cheered, before shouting comments at the supervisor to let me get on with my job because the scarf does not effect my ability to work a till. He was then booed when he put the queue on hold to enter the kiosk and request I leave with him because my scarf was ‘anti-Glazer’.

“I turned to the supervisor and asked him why I could not continue doing my job. He said it was not because I was wearing a scarf, because if it had been a different colour he would not have minded. MUFC will no doubt state that the decision was based on uniform policy – what he told me surely refutes that. He said it was because it was ‘anti-Glazer’. Does it not sniff a little bit like a dictatorship if not even the smallest of dissents can be made about an incredibly rich man who has more or less taken over the club?

“He [the catering manager] told me to ‘take that smug grin off your face or I’m going to get very angry’. He then marched me to the Head Office of Catering.”

“He asked me, furiously, ‘Who pays your wages? Is it not Glazer?’ I answered ‘No, it’s the fans. Without them this club would not exist’. I then asked him the question: ‘Who pays Glazers wages then. Is it not the fans?’”

After Man United beat AC Milan 4-0 at Old Trafford last Wednesday, former Man United player, United fan and Milan player David Beckham picked up a green and gold scarf and wore it.

This is ridiculous, would the student have been sacked if it was a red, white and black scarf? I don’t think so.

The only thing this is likely to do is bring more publicity to the campaign, which United don’t want. The campaign is growing stronger by the day and obviously United aren’t too happy about it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just what exactly the so-called protesting "supporters" want? The debt is their problem. They must not distract the team at this critical juncture.

  2. The protesting supporters want the Glazers out of the club asap.

    Right now it isn't affecting the team and I don't think it will do. If you saw the match against AC Milan, most of the chanting didn't start until we were a few goals up. That should impact on the team, or if it does, have very little.

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