Man United Fan Stabbed By Arsenal Fan

It is being reported that in Kenya an Arsenal fan has repeatedly stabbed a Manchester United fan, over the current Premier League standings. United currently sit at the top of the table, with Chelsea close in second and Arsenal in third.

The United fan named as 19-year old Abubakar Baishe was stabbed by a 20-year old who is not only his schoolmate but also a relative. He was stabbed in the left side of his abdomen after United’s win over Liverpool on the 21st March 2010.

The doctor who has performed a major operation on the United fan has said that he is ‘currently out of danger’ and that ‘his condition has greatly improved’.

The youngsters dad Mr Baishe has said: “This is mere childishness as we adults cannot turn on each other with a knife; not for the sake of the English Premier League going on in a far-away continent.”

“But my son took it just as a mere debate usually exchanged by die-hard fans across the globe, only for his colleague to turn his anger on him with a pen knife he was carrying.”

Lamu police boss Augustine Kimantiria said:
“We are working hard to catch up with the main suspect, who is still at large.”

Abubakar Baishe is now recovering from surgery in a hospital in Lamu District. It is now believed that the unnamed 20-year old has fled to Tanzania.

A year ago it was reported that an Arsenal fan had killed himself after Man United knocked Arsenal out of the Champions League.

This is ridiculous, things like this shouldn’t happen. I get the passion because I feel the passion but that doesn’t mean that I am going to turn round and try to kill someone because another team is higher in the table than United. Like Abubakar’s father said, it’s just childishness, doesn’t make it right.

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