Park Drank Frog Juice And Snubbed Chelsea

Sports News - March 21, 2010
After scoring the winning goal against Liverpool at the weekend, Ji-Sung Park has been making a few revelations. Most notably he snubbed Chelsea for United and he drank frog juice to make him stronger.

Park joined Manchester United in 2005 from PSV Eindhoven, the manager at the time was Guus Hiddink (who went on to manage Chelsea), Park has revealed that Hiddink wanted him to join Chelsea.

Park chose not to listen to Hiddink but to follow his heart and sign for Man United.

"When I made my mind up for Manchester I felt that I had betrayed Hiddink," said Park.

"I knew that Hiddink wanted me to stay (and then go to Chelsea later), so I found it difficult."

Not only did he snub Chelsea but when he was a young boy, he ate and drank a few things, which I don’t think I could ever eat or drink.

Park told The Sun: "They said it was good for my health to become stronger and I ate anything that would improve my health.”

Eating anything meant that he drank boiled frog juice after his dad went to frog farms, his mum then boiled the juice and Park had to drink it.

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