Sir Alex Ferguson Slams The FA

Sports News - March 16, 2010
Ahead of the massive match between Manchester United and Liverpool on Sunday, Sir Alex Ferguson has slammed the FA over their decisions.

The FA decided to review video footage and charge Man United defender Rio Ferdinand after he elbowed Hull’s Craig Fagan. Ferdinand appealed this decision, which was rejected and in return Ferdinand was handed an extra game ban.

Last Monday Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard deliberately elbowed Portsmouth’s Michael Brown. The FA reviewed the video footage and decided not to charge the Liverpool skipper.

Sir Alex said:
"I didn't expect anything to happen to Steven Gerrard. It (the disciplinary panel) is a dysfunctional unit. I don't know what they are doing.
"There is no consistency for a start and I didn't expect to get any.
"I am not too bothered about it. They can do what they want down there. It is crazy at times."

Ferdinand deserved his ban, he did elbow the Hull player but how can they give Ferdinand a ban and not Gerrard? There needs to be more consistency, it’s not right.

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