Fans Want To Have A Say In How The Club Is Run

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A survey of 2,000 fans conducted by YouGov has shown that 80% of Man United fans and 70% of Liverpool fans believe that their clubs would be better run if owned by fans.

Man United and Liverpool clash at Old Trafford this weekend, there is no love lost between the fans but there is one thing we have in common. Both sets of supporters want their American owners out of the club.

Liverpool are in £237m worth of debt, if they think that is bad, United are £716.5m worth of debt.
The survey also showed that Man United fans on average would be willing to invest £600 of their own money into the club, if that means that the Glazers would sell up.

The Chief Executive of MUST (Manchester United Supporters Trust) Duncan Drasdo has been quoted as saying: "We know there's a huge appetite out there to change the ownership at United.”

"This [the amount fans are willing to invest] shows there's the commitment and the will amongst supporters to play a significant role in any bid and new ownership structure.”

The Chief Executive of Supporters Direct David Boyle has also had his say:
"Fans are realising that the choice is a simple one - pay someone else's debts off and at the end, those people own it, or buy it yourself."

"These clubs should never have been allowed to be bought on the back of leveraged debt, but if the game's authorities won't act in the defence of our clubs, fans will have to."

If supporters of clubs do have their say then at least you know that the club is in good hands. Supporters will always put the club first, unlike owners. The problem with that though is how do you get supporters to have their say? Do you do a poll with everyone who has a stake in the club?

It’s a difficult one but what I want is someone to run the club who cares about it, can run it well and will not take millions of pounds out of it and bleed it dry.

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    As much as I used to love Manu, the way Ferguson handled the Tevez saga was pretty bad. Tevez really belonged to Man U, so I want City to do some damage. LOL.

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