Man United Vs Chelsea Used To Launch 3D Channel

Sports News - January 31, 2010
It has been confirmed by Sky that the Premier League game between Man United and Chelsea will be used to launch Europe’s first 3D television channel.

Over 1,000 clubs and pubs will show the game across the UK on the 3rd April with the possibility that at least five more Premier League games will be shown via the 3D channel before the end of the season.

The game between Arsenal and Man United earlier on in the season was used to premier the first ever game to be shown in 3D. After that was a success, Sky are now launching the channel.

Sky’s Brian Lenz said: "It's fitting that one of the biggest games of the season will be the launch pad for our pioneering Sky 3D service.”

"With 3D, seeing really is believing, so it's great news that over 1,000 pubs across country will be able to show the magic of 3D to their customers."

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