Berbatov: Of Course It Was A Penalty

One of the biggest talking points to come out of Man United's 1-0 win over Liverpool was whether or not the penalty should have been awarded.

Dimitar Berbatov was caught in the penalty area by defender Daniel Agger, after just 35 seconds. Ryan Giggs scored the penalty, which was the winning goal.

The decision to award a penalty has lead to rival fans to accuse referee Howard Webb of being a Man United fan and to label Berbatov as a diver.

Speaking after the game, Berbatov backed Webb and told ITV1: "Of course it was a penalty. There was enough contact for me to lose my balance and people know I do not go to ground easily."

Man United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has backed the striker by saying:

"It was a penalty"

"Dimitar says he was definitely clipped. The replay shows he slightly touched him but the momentum is enough to bring the player down.

"There is no reason for him to go down anyway. He is not that kind of player.

"He is on the by-line, he is in the penalty box. I think it was right.

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