Fergie to retire

Well we all know that Fergie will retire someday but today he has been a little bit more specific about when that will be. He has said that he will retire within three years which will take him upto 70 years old.

"I won't be managing here when I'm 70. No, never. I can assure you of that," Ferguson said.
"I won't be managing here any more than three years at the very, very, very most - no question.
"There is a time when you have to think about time for yourself. You know, my wife is getting older and I have to think about that.
"I think she deserves a bit of my time. The older you get, the more guilty you feel about it. What I would like to do in life is travel to places I have never been to.

"I would love to go to the States and spend about three or four months there. I will still be involved with United in some shape or form. I hope so because I have a good relationship.
"There is no chance of me ever being sacked. I think it will be my decision and [chief executive] David Gill is happy with that."

Meanwhile David Gill has hinted that Assistant manager Carlos Queiroz could be Ferguson's replacement.

"We haven't discussed that (Ferguson's exit)," Gill told BBC Radio Five Live. "I think his guiding principle over whether he stays is whether he is healthy and still has the desire, which I'm sure he will have.
"It's still three-and-a-half years away; we will look at it at that time."

"We are making sure our squad is continually reviewed and improved as necessary and the age of the squad is right so that, when Alex does decide to retire, anyone taking over has a fantastic squad with the right age profile.
"We also have an assistant manager who will be very much in the frame in Carlos Queiroz.
"He's clearly a key part of our success. If you look at what Liverpool achieved in their very successful years during the '70s and '80s (that) was through internal appointments.
"Carlos is a key factor in all the success we've achieved over the last couple of seasons."

There have already been many names mentioned, many of them were previous United players such as Hughes, Cantona, Keane, Bruce but Mourinho has also been mentioned. I think that we should give Queiroz a chance at being United manager, may'be bring in a former United player to be his assistant but i think that Queiroz deserves a chance, what do you think?

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