Ronaldo still won't commit future to United

There have been many rumours about Cristiano Ronaldo leaving United and moving to Real Madrid and today is no different.
Ronaldo has said that his future is sorted but he is concentrating on Portugal right now. He will make an announcement on his future in two or three weeks, now i dont understand why he can't just say it now if it is all sorted. It is not fair on United fans to keep everyone waiting on his decision. Ferguson has come out and said that he is staying, if his future is sorted then Fergie will definetly know what is going on, if Fergie says he is staying then i think he is staying.
When this statement comes out i think it will be about a new contract he has signed with United.

"What the press speculate about goes over my head," Ronaldo said. "I have already been used to it for the past two years.
"I am calm. Everything's clear and I will repeat it once again so that the whole world understands, there will be news in two or three weeks.
"At the moment I am here, I am going to give my best and do the best possible in the European Championship."

Meanwhile Real Madrid have said that they are baffled about what Sir Alex Ferguson said about them, which i don't understand. They have said that they want Ronaldo, it has also been reported that Madrid have sent Ronaldo a car and if that isnt bribing a player i dont know what is.
Ferguson accused Real of lacking morals and i think that most people will agree that they do lack morals when it comes to signing players. I am not saying that we are perfect but we do not use underhand tactics.
"I am really surprised to hear what he said about us," Calderon told Marca. "I don't understand Ferguson.
"Real Madrid have conducted themselves exquisitely in this whole affair with Cristiano Ronaldo.
"We have always said that he is a player who has a contract and that Manchester United is not a selling club. That's everything."

I think that all of the speculation is ridicoulas and the sooner Ronaldo comes out and says what is going on, the better.

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  1. Antimanu says:

    Stop freting over this winker ;)

    Small teams always lose their best players to bigger clubs. In this case you will be well compensated.

  2. Shuggo says:

    I don't know how you can call us a small team with us being European Champions and everything :)

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