United blamed for Ruud's bad form

Former United star Ruud Van Nistelrooy has blamed his bad form in the World Cup 2006 on Manchester United. Van Nistelrooy was substituted in all of Holland's group games and he was dropped for the defeat in the last 16 (they lost against Portugal).

Van Nistelrooy left United that summer and he believes that the problems he had with United contributed to his bad form. Now I am sorry but you should forget about everything no matter what when you are on a football pitch.

I am going to use an example that I wouldnt usually use- Frank Lampard.
Lampard recently lost his mother and days after that he was playing for Chelsea and scoring an important penalty. He put everything aside and played for his club, nobody would have blamed him if he didnt want to play. Van Nistelrooy CANNOT blame United for his bad form.

Here is Ruud Van Nistelrooy's interview with The Sun:

"I've never said I didn't want to play for the national team,"
"Right now I'm far calmer than two years ago and that was because at United I was going through a s*** period.

"And at that time, with a big tournament, that was something I certainly didn't need.

"Then on top of that I had a conflict with Dutch coach Marco van Basten. Now I feel a lot better and I believe in our success."

"We're not consistent enough. We always start well but it's hard to keep that level for 90 minutes.

"So we have to look for some other strategy, more balance and more variety. During this championship sometimes we'll be forced to play a less adventurous game.

"We have to be careful against Italy. We attack the whole match, try everything, give everything and the Italians just sit back, waiting.

"And when all our energy is spent they strike in the 80th minute - or later."

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