Update On Fergie's Grandkids

Reports on Wednesday said that Man United manager Sir Alex Ferguson's grandchildren were involved in serious car crash. Here is an update on what is going on.

Fergie is currently keeping a vigil beside his grandson who has apparently fought back from the brink of death. 10 year old Charlie has had a five hour operation to reduce brain swelling and he still faces more surgery to repair his spine.

Charlie has also suffered from a punctured lung and bowel damage.

Charlie is Darren Ferguson's step son but both regard him as their own flesh and blood which is wonderful. His sister suffered cuts and bruises and his mum has broken both of her legs.

My thoughts are with the whole family and I really do hope that Charlie's gets well soon.

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  1. Gift Blogger says:

    I hope everyone is Ok. xxx

  2. Shuggo says:

    Hi Gift Blogger, thanks for your comment.

    I think we all hope that everyone is ok.

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