Manchester United Or Real Madrid?

Wigan chairman Dave Whelan has revealed that one of their star players Antonio Valencia will choose between Man United or Real Madrid, when he comes back off holiday this Friday.

Whelan revealed that both clubs made acceptable offers which are thought to be in the region of £14-£18m, he also revealed that one clubs offer was £2m more than the other. But that doesn't matter, if Valencia wants to go to the club who bid less, then he will be allowed to do so.

"United and Real Madrid both know he is away," Whelan is quoted as saying by The Daily Mail. "We can't do anything until he gets back. Where he goes is entirely up to him."

"It's no good me saying he is going to Manchester United because he is the boss and we'll be listening to what he says."

"We have had offers that are acceptable to Wigan Athletic, around the £14-18 million mark, but what we will finish up with eventually I don't know."

"One club could offer £2 million more than the other but if Antonio says he doesn't want to go there then there is no point."

"We can't tell him where he wants to go. If he wants to go, we've always promised him he can go, but if he wants to stay, then he'll stay."

"I think he is an outstanding player and he would fit in at either Manchester United or Real Madrid."

"There is no doubt that he will end up at one of those clubs – it's just a case of which one he wants to end up at."

The Sun are claiming that Man United are offering Luis Nani as part of the deal, if this is true then he doesn't know much about it. Recently Nani has been quoted as saying that he is ready to fill the boots of Cristiano Ronaldo.

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