Official Man United Profile For Iker Casillas

Yesterday I told you about Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas being linked with a move to Manchester United. I wasn't too sure about the speculation but today Man United have an OFFICIAL profile for the player. If you don't believe me then check it out here or look at the picture above.

As far as I know, the player hasn't joined Man United.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    do u really think we all are fools.
    i can clearly see the trick here.
    i hope u people in future post real news .
    this is crazy what u r doing just for publicity.

    for all people who open their link just change the last 4 digit of that URL to any number u want and and instead of CASSILAS there wil be another name

  2. Shuggo says:

    Hi Anonymous, thanks for leaving a comment. It is a shame that you couldn't have left your name.

    I don't think any of my readers are fools, there was no trick. I was sent in an email plus the URL saying that there was a profile on Man United's official website for Iker Casillas. I didn't know you can change the name. Later on yesterday I also saw in on SkySportsNews so it wasn't just me who was fooled.

    This is my blog and if you don't like it then I am sorry but that is your problem. I do post proper news but I also post random stuff and this is random.

    As for you saying that I am fooling my readers, that is a digusting thing to say.

  3. SaramiR says:

    I think anonymous has a point here!
    check the link on Man U site for Luis Figo :D{FE60904B-C2A8-4E60-9B05-700DBBC29BBC}&teamid=443&section=playerProfile&bioid=4032

  4. SaramiR says:

    here's another one for Guti :D
    it's kinda fun hehe{FE60904B-C2A8-4E60-9B05-700DBBC29BBC}&teamid=443&section=playerProfile&bioid=4036

  5. Shuggo says:

    Hi SaramiR, thanks for your comment.

    I understand what he/she was trying to say. I hadn't realised this and the thing I didn't like was that he/she said that I was trying to fool my readers.

    I don't sit round changing numbers all day so I didn't know. I am glad that you enjoy it. Have you found anyone else?

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