Tosic: Man United Players Knew

Zoran Tosic Manchester United 2008/09
Manchester United's Zoran Tosic has revealed that Man United players knew that Cristiano Ronaldo was going to leave ages ago. Tosic has said that Ronaldo told his team-mates BEFORE the Champion's League final that he was going to leave.

Tosic revealed: "Yeah, I spoke with Cristiano. He told us he'd won all the awards and he wanted to try something else.
"I think in Madrid he's going to be the best player in the world again. Last season he scored 42 goals and this time 25 - and they all said it's his worst season, that it wasn't enough!"

Moving to Man United wasn't Tosic's dream move and he believes that Ronaldo leaving could be a good thing for him.

"It may be good for me Cristiano has left but I think someone will come in his place.
"These games here are very important for me and then when we go on tour to Asia next month I hope I get a chance and I'm ready for it.
"From the moment I watched United win the Champions League in 1999 I was a fan.
"When I was a kid I saw a picture of the national team in the changing room and I said to the coach 'I am going to stand there one day and I am going to be a Manchester United player, those are my two wishes'.
"It is great to have Nemanja Vidic at United. He lives five minutes away. I knew him from before playing for Serbia and we spend a lot of time together.
"Playing with the likes of Wayne Rooney is brilliant and Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes are fantastic with me."

"I was nine years old when I started playing football and three years after that there was the war but I was young, I didn't think about it.
"I'm so pleased to be at United and to work with someone like Alex Ferguson. Can I understand what he says? No! But I'm learning English and getting better."

It is a shame that the fans couldn't be told! It is nice to hear about players wanting to play for Man United, recently we have heard about players wanting to leave Man United.

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