City Branded As Arrogant

Man United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has given his reaction to the Carlos Tevez sign which welcomes people to Manchester (left), which Manchester City put up as soon as they signed the striker.

The poster was put up at one of Manchester's biggest shopping centres, the poster itself emphases that Man City is based in Manchester and Man United are based in the borough of Trafford. This has been going on for years, City fans have always said that there is only one team in Manchester.

Many fans who are jealous of Man United will always say that the club isn't from Manchester and that no Man United fans are from Manchester. Which of course is wrong. For starters me and my family are from Manchester and I support Manchester United. I have many fans who live in Manchester who are United fans.

Man United hasn't always been called Manchester United. Man United were first called Newton Heath who were an aspiring Manchester football team who started playing in 1878. I'm not going to go into the Manchester United isn't in Manchester rubbish. Manchester United is our clubs name and we aren't going to change it just because Manchester City don't like it.
Manchester United was founded when we moved to Bank Street, at that point we were still within City limits. The moment that we weren't in City limits was when we moved to Old Trafford, why should we change our name?
Manchester City will always say that Man United aren't in Manchester but if they beat us in the Manchester derby they are perfectly happy to claim that they won the Manchester derby.

Ferguson said: "It is like one of those war adverts - Your Country Needs You.

"Arrogance comes in lots of different ways. I think it is daft.

"They were having a go at Manchester United. They have had a problem ever since I joined United in 1986.

"You have to understand, when they get their moment to grasp for and to seize for, they are going to take it."

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