C.Ronaldo Will Miss Manchester United

Chelsea FC vs Barcelona FC

Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech believes that Cristiano Ronaldo will miss Manchester United more than we will miss him. For once, I agree with Cech. What some people are forgetting is that at Man United, Ronaldo was one of the main stars but at Real Madrid he will be one of many and I believe he could struggle with that.

Ronaldo loves to be the centre of attention and we players such as Ricardo Kaka, Karim Benzema, Sergio Ramos, Iker Casillas and many others, he won't be the main superstar anymore.

He won't also have to protection that Sir Alex Ferguson gave him. Fergie was like a father figure to Ronaldo and he protected him from the press and he won't get that now as we have already seen.

I am sure that Man United will be fine without him, no one player is bigger than the club and we will get on with it. Ronaldo is one of the world best but football is a team game and that is why I believe we will carry on being successful.

"Ronaldo had three exceptional years [with United], especially the last two, but I think Man United is a club that never relies on one person,"
Cech told Sky Sports News.

"Of course he scored a lot of important goals, but I think that he gained as well from the way the whole team played. So maybe he will miss them more than they will miss him. Who knows?

"Maybe they will miss him terribly, maybe not. In football you never know, and I don't think they'll be much weaker because they have the money and they have the possibilities now to replace him, and to get to the new season as strong as before."

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