Fergie on Benzema and Ribery

Karim Benzema was constantly being linked with a move to Man United but there was never anything official, until today. Man United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed that Man United tried to sign the former Lyon player.

Ferguson has revealed that Man United were put off Benzema after his price tag continued to rise.

SkySportsNews are quoting Sir Alex as saying: "We tried to spend [the Ronaldo money] on Karim Benzema as, at 21, I felt that there would be an improvement there"

"He is tough, good physique, a good goal scoring record, so it was worth going a wee bit extra for him because of his age."But when it went to £42 million, it was beyond his value. We went to £35m and I think that was fair."

Man United were also being linked with a move for Bayern Munich's Franck Ribery and this is what Fergie has had to say about that.

"We didn't try to buy Ribery, we explored it in a nice, quiet way when David Gill was at one of his meetings with Bayern in March"

"They told him, 'Absolutely no chance, and the one thing you can say about Bayern is that, when they say something, they mean it."

"When we negotiated with them over Hargreaves, at the beginning they said 'No,' but they also said that, if they ever changed their minds, we'd be the first to know."

"It was exactly the same this time. There is no way that they will sell Ribery."

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