The Return Of C-Ron

Man United boss Sir Alex Ferguson's believes that Cristiano Ronaldo could return to Old Trafford. The player has only been a Real Madrid player for around three weeks but Fergie is already talking about his return.

Fergie said: "He may come back, you never know. He loved United, he loved the club. If you look back at the six years he had with us, he never missed training.

"He came to the right club at the right part of his career.
"He could have gone to Real Madrid or Barcelona. But he came to the right one and he appreciates that."
"It will give teams a bit more encouragement.
"They'll all be delighted that we've lost Ronaldo, no question about that. There is no doubt he is a huge loss. I think it's a challenge for us.
"It won't be the same without Ronaldo, it can't be. Without question he is the best player in this world of ours.
"He is streets ahead of Messi, streets ahead of Kaka. Absolutely. Look at his figures, they are unbelievable.
"The attempts he has on goal, the attacks into the penalty box, his positions, headers, shots... it's unbelievable.
"His best is yet to come, he is only 24. We will be a different team without him, we will be more compact.
"We will have a different shape in midfield. Ronaldo was a bit loose in his defending. You could forgive that because he gave you so much in the other sense."

Personally, I can't see it. I don't think he will come back, he has sold his cars and his houses. When Ronaldo's contract at Real Madrid expires I don't think Sir Alex Ferguson will still be Man United manager. I don't think Man United could afford to buy Ronaldo whilst he still has a contract with Real Madrid.

Can you see it happening?


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