Tevez Not Worth It

Football - Derby County v Manchester United FA Cup Fifth Round

Man United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has hit back at former Man United star (now Man City star) Carlos Tevez. Ferguson had said that he had spoken to Teve about signing a new contract with Man United, Tevez said he didn't and he also said that it was Ferguson's fault that he left.

Sir Alex has responded by saying that Carlos Tevez isn't worth £25 million and that he did text Tevez and he also spoke to him after Man United's Champion's League game against Inter Milan.

Fergie said: "The fans quite rightly have their heroes and I respect the fans so I was happy to go along with a deal as long as it was the right deal.
"Our success is down to the fans and their support, we need them when we are away from home to the likes of Fulham and Arsenal but he was simply not worth £25m."

I can agree with that, I don't think Berbatov is worth £30 odd million, I don't think Tevez is worth £25 million and I think that most players in the transfer market are priced way too high.

Fergie went on to say: "We made contact with Carlos, I sent him texts and spoke to him when he was in Argentina.
"David Gill made an offer to Kia so I spoke to Carlos before the Inter Milan game and said that we had spoken to Kia."

What is Tevez' response going to be?

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