Is Owen The Right Man For The Shirt?

SOCCER: MAR 14 Barclays Premier League - Hull City v Newcastle United

When it was announced yesterday that Man United’s new signing Michael Owen will be wearing the legendary number 7 shirt, I was surprised. Is he really worthy of wearing that shirt?

Players such as George Best, David Beckham, Eric Cantona and more recently Cristiano Ronaldo have worn the number 7 shirt; does Owen fit into that category?

It could either work out fantastically or it could be a disaster. The number 7 shirt means pressure, this will heap loads of pressure on Michael Owen and I am hoping that Owen with thrive on this pressure. On the other hand, he might not cope with the pressure and he could have a disastrous season.

This is an important shirt as you can probably tell and because Fergie gave it to Owen I believe that Owen could be a regular starter for Man United. I was expecting him to be a super sub but because he has this shirt number I think Fergie believes that Owen will play a massive part in Man United’s season.

I was expecting Antonio Valencia to be named as Man United's next number 7, who were you expecting?

How many of you will be going out and buying the new Manchester United shirt with the name Owen on the back?

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