Tevez Praises Fans And Blames Fergie

Manchester United vs FC Barcelona
Carlos Tevez was officially unveiled by Manchester City yesterday and his press conference was very interesting. Instead of concentrating on his new team, the press kept on asking questions about Man United and Tevez didn't hold back.

Tevez has insisted that there will always be a place in his heart for Man United and the fans.
"The fact I did not stay at United was not because of the fans"
"They must understand a part of my heart will always be with them. They were always extremely supportive, even when I wasn't playing."

That was great to hear, most fans would have loved to have seen Tevez stay at Old Trafford. Things after that hit a sour note. The day before Tevez' press conference, Sir Alex Ferguson had a press conference in which he stated that he had text and called Tevez early on this year but Tevez never replied. He has now.

"I felt Alex Ferguson and (Man United chief executive) David Gill did not do enough to try to keep me"
"I was at Manchester United for two years. I never got a call or a text message from Alex Ferguson."
"The only time he spoke to me was after the Champions League final in Rome when I was going back to Argentina. I don't think this is the way to treat a player who is at a club for two years. There was no line of communication."

I can't say that I am happy that he is at City but the way I see it is that there was Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City. Out of the three City would have been my option because they will do us less harm than Liverpool and Chelsea.

We will never know whether Fergie had text Tevez or not but it is over now. Tevez is at City and good luck to him.

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