Transfer Market Is Ridiculous

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Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has labelled this summers transfer market as ‘ridiculous’. This is after selling Cristiano Ronaldo for the world transfer record of £80 million.

Due to the prices of players now being banded around, Man United won’t be spending anymore money in the transfer market.

I do agree with Sir Alex the whole thing is ridiculous but you can’t really complain when you sell your player for £80 million. In my eyes, no player is worth that not even Ronaldo, Messi or Kaka.
How is Franck Ribery priced at £70 million by Bayern Munich. He isn’t better than Kaka.

Man United were offered £80 million for Ronaldo and we accepted that I don’t see how we can now complain about prices. That Ronaldo deal was one (not all) of the reasons why prices have gone up.

I am not having a go at Fergie because what he is saying is true but I don’t think that we have any right to complain.

Fergie said, "I said a year ago, when they [the Abu Dhabi United Group] took over at City, that this was possible."

"Some of the values across the world now are amazing; the numbers that get tossed about. The values of players have shot sky high. I don't think any of the [big] transfers this summer are realistic but for some reason it has caught fire this summer.

"It's an unusual summer and it's very difficult to get value because of that."

Talking about Karim Benzema Fergie said, "I can only placate the fans in one way and that's by not being stupid."

"We have that wonderful sum of money from Real Madrid but there's no way we are going to throw it away by putting an extra zero on the end of transfer fees when I didn't think it was value. We went in for Benzema but, as far as we were concerned, the price tag was beyond his value.

"If other clubs want to go to that level, that's entirely their business. We had a value that we thought was fair and we didn't want to go above that position.

"Maybe Lyon thought we under-valued him and that's fine, it's their decision. They got €42million for him and they will be happy with that because they have done well.

"All this tells you about us is that we are sensible."

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