It Was Maradona's Fault

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Sir Alex Ferguson has been blamed and so have Dimitar Berbatov and David Gill but that is not the case. Carlos Tevez has been quoted by the Daily Mail as saying that his International coach Diego Maradona ordered him to leave Man United for Man City.

Tevez said: "Yes, now Diego is happy. I have talked to him before I signed."
"He is happy because now I can play more often. He came to watch me (at United) when we played Chelsea but I did not play any single minute. That was very ugly to him and to me."

I do think that Tevez should have played more for Man United but just because Maradona turns up doesn't mean that a player has to player. If Capello turns up wanting to watch Rooney and he doesn't play then I don't think that it would be made into a big deal. Saying that we do have other English players for Capello to watch.

I don't think that Fergie should have played Tevez just because Maradona was there, Man United is Sir Alex Ferguson's team and Argentina is Diego Maradona's team.
This whole situation is getting childish.

At the end of the day, Carlos Tevez was offered a contract with Man United, he turned that down. There is no need to blame anyone, if he wanted to stay he could have but he didn't want to stay.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm sorry but I beg to differ.

  2. Shuggo says:

    Hi Anonymous, thanks for you comment. I know that not everyone and probably most people won't agree with me.

    What don't you agree with?

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