Ronaldo Was Cheap

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A former Man United captain believes that Man United sold Cristiano Ronaldo at a cheap price. Yes that is right, an £80 million price-tag wasn't high enough. In other words, if Roy Keane was Manchester United manger, Cristiano Ronaldo wouldn't have gone for a measly £80 million.

"I'm OK with it [the amount Real Madrid paid for Ronaldo]," Roy Keane said "It's just the way it is.

"Clubs are prepared to pay that, people talk about Ronaldo going for £80m - I look at other players and think Ronaldo's cheap for £80m."

"He's the best player in the world. Footballers are classed as entertainers and if you look at any industry the top people get the top money."

Personally, I don't value any footballer at that price. I can understand what he is saying, Ronaldo is worth way more than any other footballer but the prices are ridiculous. All transfer prices are over inflated and I can't see them going down. I think that the only way it is going to go is up.

So, what do you think?
Did Man United let C.Ronaldo go cheaply? Was the price-tag correct?

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  1. Ayo reddy says:

    yes man he came cheap. he is way better than all other players in the world.

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